About facial surgery.

As the most complex anatomical unit of the body the face not only is a surgically very challenging area, it is the expression of our soul and communicates with the world most.

Feeling and looking good partially defines our self-confidence. A harmonious face and a beautiful smile contribute to this. This may involve anti-aging surgery in case of aging symptoms or establishing harmony in the face. I love to start this adventure with patients in my role as a facial surgeon but also that of an architect and designer. The starting point for an aesthetic improvement is always preservation of personal characteristics and identity. With dedication and passion I love to help people becoming the best version of themselves.
We clearly map out your wishes and challenges together and translate this into a treatment proposal.

Facial Surgery transcends the boundaries of a specialty and can be defined as a branch of regional plastic surgery. Specialisation in Facial Surgery does not lead to a registered speciality degree in Europe. Three core surgical specialities deal with Facial Surgery: Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Training in all of these disciplines (maxillo-facial surgery, head & neck surgery and plastic surgery) is the best manner in which to establish a more universal expertise as a facial surgeon. Dr. Beckers was initially trained as an Maxillo-facial surgeon with a postgraduate university degree in facial plastic surgery at the University of Lyon (2019) and Marseille (2020-2021).